Trinity Free Clinic Run for Wellness

Breaking News!  The Trinity Free Clinic Run for Wellness is Expanding!


Excitement is building as we prepare for the 17th Annual Trinity Free Clinic Run for Wellness!  This year, we are thrilled to announce the addition of both 10K and 15K courses.  We have already received permission from the Carmel Clay Parks Department for these courses to include the Monon Trail, and planning is well under way.  If you aren't familiar with the beautiful Monon Trail running through Carmel, Indiana, you can expect a fully paved course that combines the best of a road run with the beauty of a trail run.  We will be unveiling the courses soon, so stay tuned!

What are you running for?

Trinity Free Clinic is the medical and dental safety net for the low-income workers of Hamilton County and their families.  We provide free care to those who fall in the gap:  their income is slightly too high to qualify for Medicaid or other government services, and yet to low to afford health insurance, premiums, and deductibles.  Since 1 in 12 Hamilton County residents have no access to medical and dental care because of lack of insurance and 1 in 20 live below the poverty line, the need for care is greater than you might imagine.


Your run will help ensure that every child in our county has access to vaccinations and well-child visits.

Your run will ensure that families won't have to choose between feeding their kids and taking them to the doctor.

Your run will ensure that your neighbors won't have to suffer in silence because they can't afford to go to the dentist.

Now that's a great run!

Many thanks to our sponsors!