Patient Testimonials

The opportunity to care for the most vulnerable families in Hamilton County is what keeps our volunteers coming back week after week.  We are grateful to each of our patients for the gift they give us . . . the gift to serve.

This clinic has saved me many times. Unfortunately, I am not able to afford health insurance at this time, however, this blessed clinic has treated me many times for different reasons and enabled me to stay healthy all year long.

Thank you Trinity Free Clinic.
— Brittany O.
Agradecemos diariamente a Dios, por habernos puesto esto lugar en nuestro camino, porque es de grande ayuda para personas como mi familia, que empezamos de cero en otro país.

Estaremos entoramente agradecidos con el personal de la clínica por todo los servicios posstados.

We thank God every day for having put this place in our lives because it’s a great help for people like my family who start with nothing in a different country.

We are very grateful for the people at the clinic and with all the services we received.
— Tony R.
Thank you so much for having this clinic. Thank you for your time and compassion. My daughter was given a teddy bear while waiting, and then a blanket and board books. We feel loved and cared for. thank you for your generous hearts!
— Christina R.
Trinity has been amazing through the entire dental process. I couldn’t feel more blessed to be helped by this Clinic. the World needs more places like this. Thank you Trinity!
I am grateful for this Clinic. They have treated me and my family when I did not know where to go and where to start from. From Kids Physicals, Shots, to mediation for me and did a dental work on my 2 teeth when I was in tremendous pain. The staff, nurses, doctors were nice and caring. May the Almighty God bless bless bless you all!
— Elizabeth C.
I’ve been off my blood pressure meds for over a year. They had me in and out, treated real nice, and on my way to better health.
I have a family of 5 and I’m the only one supporting them and Insurance is hard to pay for. I had bad experience with my teeth in the past. I came here to Trinity Free Clinic and had that all turned around. I love this place and the people!! My teeth feel a lot better. Couldn’t be any happier! When I come in I always see smiles!
— Nathan P.
Been waiting 5 years to finally get the rest of my teeth out, with pain, and inabilities to eat at times. you fave finally given me the ability to have a more normal life again.
It’s a great clinic that helped much to my family. It’s here doctors normalized my mom’s high blood pressure of which she suffered for 40 years! here we could get help with our children’s physicals and shots. What they do is great! Their assistance is amazing. Thank you! God bless all personnel of this clinic!
— Alena B.
As a current college student money around my house has been tight. Being able to come here without charge has really helped us out a lot.
Very friendly staff. Always been treated with great care. Very thankful to found a clinic like this since I don’t have any insurance. Makes me less worried about my financially stuff, since I just recover from a difficult time. God has been good for me. Thank you for your kindness and help.