Past Race Results

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Historical Race Results & Photo Albums

Please see below for historical race results and links to photo albums.  All race photo albums are hosted on on the Trinity Free Clinic Run for Wellness Facebook page. 

Every year, we are grateful to our volunteer photographers whose talent provides free full-resolution race pictures for all of our participants.  All of our race pictures are posted on the Trinity Free Clinic 5K Facebook page @TFC5K.  Just go to the 2017 TFC 5K album in the Photos; finisher photos can be found at the end of the album in chronological order.  Participants and their families are welcome to download race photos free of charge.

If you had a great time and would like to share your own pictures with us, we would love it if you would add them to our album or tag the photos on your own Facebook page with TFC5K.

Thank you to our sponsors!

The Trinity Free Clinic 5K Run for Wellness is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors.  Many of them have continued to support the 5K and the mission of the clinic for several years.  They represent the very best in our community, and we are grateful for their partnership.