TFC Receives Donation from The Thomas P. and Sondra D. Sheehan Charitable Foundation

The Trinity Free Clinic is very thankful for the generous contribution from The Thomas P. and Sondra D. Sheehan Charitable Foundation, a partner of Hamilton County Community Foundation. The foundation believes everyone deserves the chance to be happy and live a productive life. They support organizations that removes barriers, provide assistance and encourage the development of children, support for veterans, and other life-affirming efforts.

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At the beginning of 2019, the Thomas P. and Sondra D. Sheehan Charitable Foundation awarded the Trinity Free Clinic $5,000 in the form of a grant for their general medical and dental operations. With the Foundation’s charitable contribution, Trinity is able to continue to provide free medical and dental care to the uninsured, underinsured, and low-income workers of Hamilton County. 

A patient recently wrote to the clinic “My first visit was the dental side a year or so ago, and I couldn’t believe how quickly I was taken back and taken care of. Then my visit on the medical side was equally as wonderful of an experience. It’s honestly a blessing to have this type of program for people with no insurance or with low income. Also the fact that there are people on staff that can help with non-English speaking patients is also so amazing. I’m sure it makes those patients feel much more comfortable.”

The Trinity Free Clinic strives to be proactive with their patient’s health and to keep Hamilton County families healthy. Trinity is so grateful for the donation given by the Thomas P. and Sondra D. Sheehan Charitable Foundation. Without support from local organizations like this one, Trinity would not be able to provide the care and services their patients deserve. 

Dina FerchminComment