Hamilton County Health Department Continues Supporting Trinity Free Clinic

The staff and volunteers at the Trinity Free Clinic are very grateful for the generous contribution from the Hamilton County Health Department. The Hamilton County Health Department has awarded the Trinity Free Clinic with two installments of $14,680 in the form of a grant to help support the general operations of the clinic this year. The Hamilton County Health Department has financially supported the Trinity Free Clinic through grants since 2015.  

The Hamilton County Health Department is dedicated to the purpose of communicable disease prevention and health promotion for residents of all ages in Hamilton County and protecting the environment in which they live. The Trinity Free Clinic believes our mission to provide quality free medical, dental, and health services to the uninsured, underinsured, and low-income residents of Hamilton County aligns well with Hamilton County Health Department’s purpose to keep Hamilton County a healthy and thriving community.

Last year, Trinity served 3,220 patients in 6,362 free medical and dental visits. This grant will help the clinic continue to provide full medical and dental services to patients in 2019. 

The Trinity Free Clinic strives to be proactive about their patient’s health and keep Hamilton County families healthy. Trinity is so thankful for the grant given by the Hamilton County Health Department-- without support from organizations like this one, Trinity would not be able to provide the care and services their patients need.

Dina FerchminComment