LINK Youth Advisory Council Provides Grant for Pediatric & Immunization Clinics

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The LINK Youth Advisory Council was established in 2002 by the Hamilton County Community Foundation, the Central Indiana Community Foundation affiliate serving Hamilton County. The council is comprised of student leaders from high schools around Hamilton County. Every Spring, the Hamilton County Community Foundation provides $15,000 for the LINK Youth Advisory Council to award grants to various Hamilton County organizations.

The Trinity Free Clinic is grateful to be one of the non-profits that has been given charitable contributions from the LINK Youth Advisory Council. In 2018, the LINK Youth Advisory Council awarded the Trinity Free Clinic $3,000 for their Pediatric and Immunization clinics. The grant money received from the council went towards the 753 pediatric patient visits and the 598 immunizations given by the the clinic last year.

In December, the Trinity Free Clinic’s Community Development Manager, Anna Kaiser, hosted the advisory council for a Dine and Learn at the clinic. During the event, members of the council took a tour of the clinic while hearing about the services the clinic offers and stories of the patients that come to the clinic.

The Trinity Free Clinic is dedicated to serving the low-income, uninsured, or underinsured workers and their families of Hamilton County. We are so thankful for the LINK Youth Advisory Council and their support of the Trinity Free Clinic in providing the best care to Hamilton County residents.

Dina FerchminComment