Sometimes Life Doesn't Fit Into Paperwork


A grandmother in her 70’s arrived at the TFC with a pair of 3-year-old twins.  She unexpectedly found herself taking care of them while their biological mother was in jail.  She was unable to get insurance coverage for the children since she was not their legal guardian.

This is just one example of how families and individuals may find themselves in transitions and circumstances which aren't covered by "the system." Medical needs often don't wait for paperwork or bureaucracy.  

We provided their preventive and other medical care until the mother eventually signed over custody.  Beyond that, we gave emotional support to the grandmother as she learned to cope with her new role.

We also helped with a referral to a Head Start preschool, and helped them obtain other forms of assistance with the Merciful Help Center. The Trinity Free Clinic fosters a community network of resources so that when people come to us in need, we can connect them with resources that help them become self-sustaining.