Become a Friend of TFC

Our mission is to serve our under-resourced neighbors with dignity, and be a part of helping them become healthy and self-sustaining. Being a friend of TFC means that you want to be a part this mission.

As a community-centered organization, we don't just want donations. We want people to know what we are doing, tell others about us, and stay connected and involved throughout the year. The Friends of TFC is our intentional program aimed at connecting with people like you. 

To become a Friend of TFC we are asking that you:

  1. Commit to an automatic monthly donation of $10 or more.
  2. Stay in touch with us via our newsletter, Facebook page, or Twitter (or all three)
  3. Tell others about us!

Being a Friend of TFC means you will:

  1. Receive news, stories, and announcements from TFC regularly
  2. Get cool TFC swag (yet to be determined, but it will be cool)
  3. Get special discounts from area businesses and restaurants

We are still putting the final touches on the Friends of TFC program, but in the meantime, you can signup for our newsletter and be notified as soon as it is ready!

Why You Should Consider Being a Friend of TFC

In 2014 We...

  • Treated more than 4,000 
  • Administered nearly 800 vaccines  
  • Provided more than 1,400 dental appointments
  • Filled nearly 3,000 prescriptions

This Year

  • Fund the Smile Fairy 
    Campaign, providing false 
    front teeth
     to patients.
  • Cover medicine and lab costs which are going up by 25%.
  • Hire a nurse practitioner to treat urgent patient needs.
  • Continue reaching more patients with current programs.

How Our Funds Are Used