Community Employer Partnerships

Trinity Free Clinic patients are largely the working poor. Many of them work multiple part-time jobs in the service, retail, manufacturing, or food service industries to make ends meet. To better serve these patients, Trinity Free Clinic works to create partnerships with employers in our community. This initiative aims to:

  1. Educate employers and their employees about free medical and dental services available to them through the Trinity Free Clinic. We hope that by providing resources for care to employees, they will be able to receive care sooner and reduce missed days of work.

  2. Help employees identify health needs and find the appropriate community resources to address those needs. 

  3. Connect with employers with potential job seekers by hosting job fairs at the Trinity Free Clinic during our busy Saturday walk-in clinics.

employer Benefits

Trinity Free Clinic cares specifically for Hamilton County residents. Through this program, Trinity Free Clinic offers the same care to the employees of our employer partners even if they reside outside the county. Non-partners do not receive this benefit.

Trinity staff will work with each employer partner to be proactive about employee health to help reduce sick days and prevent potential chronic illnesses.

Partners also receive the benefit of a free bilingual patient navigator who will assist each employee individually to register for existing health plans such as HIP and Medicaid.

Become a Community Employer Partner

If you are interested in learning more about our Employer Project, please contact our Executive Director, Dina Ferchmin at