2017 TFC 5K Race Results

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The Trinity Free Clinic 5K Run for Wellness is made possible through the generosity of sponsors like Franciscan St. Francis and Performance Services. Thank you to all of our sponsors--their generosity makes it possible for us to serve the families of Hamilton County.

Thank you to everyone who made this year's event a success!

Every year, we work hard to make sure that this year's Trinity Free Clinic 5K will be bigger and better than the previous year's event, and we hope you will agree that we succeeded once again.  With your help, we were able to once again raise nearly $54,000.  That means that when you laced up this year, your morning run will help us provide medical and dental care for over 3,000 patients in the coming year.  YOU did an amazing job, and we are so grateful!

We are deeply grateful for the over 500 people who registered, more than 70 volunteers who donated their time and talents, and especially our 22 corporate sponsors who have made this event possible.  We were also delighted to welcome the vendors to our first ever Race Expo, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Thanks once again to everyone whose generosity and hard work make this year's event another huge success!

Mark your calendar NOW for next year's event on Saturday, October 13, 2018!

2017 TFC 5K Race Results

You can view and verify individual race times here.

Overall and Masters Winners

Overall Men's: Scott Hynes (16:41)
Men's Masters 40+: David Forsee (18:01)
Overall Women's: Amanda Tomasikiewicz (20:56)
Women's Masters 40+: Katie Grissom (23:36)

Age Group Results

Under 12 Boys:
1st: Quavion Galbreath (17:58)
2nd: Ben Grissom (18:00)
3rd: Brooks Ellery (23:03)

13-15 Boys:
1st: Jacob Fisher (17:49)
2nd: Samuel Schmidt (19:47)
3rd: Christian Geary (19:55)

16-19 Boys:
1st: Adam Cash (17:38)
2nd: Abel Kiser (18:10)
3rd: Nasser Hegar (20:34))

20-24 Men's:
1st: Jack Conway (19:30)
2nd: Grant Zakhar (22:03)
3rd: Connor Love (22:33)

25-29 Men's:
1st: Seth Greiner (16:54)
2nd: Jake Nobbe (21:09)
3rd: Nathan Hammes (23:35)

30-34 Men's:
1st: Alec Williams (22:23)
2nd: Ric Halvorson (26:23)
3rd: Alex Titus (27:36)

35-39 Men's:
1st: Tony Kuykendall (19:58)
2nd: Ryan Scheidies (21:00)
3rd: Christopher Sikich (22:47)

40-44 Men's:
1st: Gary Galvin (21:37)
2nd: Dan Schmidt (22:03)
3rd: Mike York (22:09)

45-49 Men's:
1st: Eric Gillman (21:45)
2nd: Joe Kurek (22:45)
3rd: Dominic Moster (24:00)

50-54 Men's:
1st: Alan Hughes (23:52)
2nd: Tim Thoman (24:45)
3rd: Lance Weddle (25:05)

55-59 Men's:
1st: Ken Swank (23:09)
2nd: M.D. Marrs (28:30)
3rd: Ed Wroblewski (28:54)

60-64 Men's:
1st: John Connor (22:58)
2nd: Bill woods (25:26)
3rd: Mark Ozman (37:18)

65-69 Men's:
1st: Craig Mirkin (28:12)
2nd: Jeffrey Wolos (28:20)
3rd: Tim Parmer (28:43)

70-74 Men's:
1st: Lawrence Leonard (25:30)
2nd: Richard Levins (41:30)
3rd: Paul Ayers (47:10)

75+ Men's:
1st: Terry McCarthy (36:58)
2nd: David Gill (57:55)
3rd: Bob Zeunik (58:01)

Under 12 Girls:
1st: Sophia Galvin (23:05)
2nd: Katherine Constantino (24:32)
3rd: Sarah Jacoby (27:27)

13-15 Girls:
1st: Grace Olovich (22:56)
2nd: Anna Jacoby (26:46)
3rd: Olivia Van Dyke (27:37)

16-19 Girls:
1st: Jacki Halderman (21:17)
2nd: Marian Grskovich (24:23)
3rd: Grace Gillis (30:40)

20-24 Women's:
1st: Victoria Watts (24:01)
2nd: Ashlynn Neumeyer (27:10)
3rd: Liz Sullivan (27:50)

25-29 Women's:
1st: Carolyn Tobin (21:46)
2nd: Meagan Kelley (27:46)
3rd: Kylie Thorpe (30:11)

30-34 Women's:
1st: Jessica Feauto (22:18)
2nd: Sarah Fowler (22:56)
3rd: Michaele LaFollette (26:09)

35-39 Women's:
1st: Katie Brinkmeyer (22:39)
2nd: Laura Behrle (25:02)
3rd: Marian Quan (26:36)

40-44 Women's:
1st: Nicole Constantino (24:26)
2nd: Chris Biehn (24:59)
3rd: Shelli Elliott (25:43)

45-49 Women's:
1st: Kelli Halderman (23:43)
2nd: Nicolina Kurek (24:26)
3rd: Millie Chang (29:32)

50-54 Women's:
1st: Carolyn McCutcheon (28:00)
2nd: Laurie Quay (28:13)
3rd: Carrie Gillis (35:47)

55-59 Women's:
1st: Emily Robison (28:20)
2nd: Brenda Walker (34:19)
3rd: Mariann Burnside (36:15)

60-64 Women's:
1st: Jennifer Connor (40:03)
2nd: Mariann Williams (49:36)
3rd: Peg Murphy (51:00)

65-69 Women's:
1st: Linda Moore (43:36)
2nd: Katie Shine (47:15)
3rd: only two participants in age group

70-74 Women's:
1st: Kathy Schnelker (55:44)
2nd: Karen Bohn (58:20)
3rd: Susan Schmidt (59:53)

75+ Women's:
1st: Cindy Zeunik (55:39)
2nd: only one participant in age group
3rd: only one participant in age group

Rosemary Cantwell Middle of the Pack Awards

Job Sevuma, Jaclyn VanWoerkom, Amy Doman, Ahmed Al-Darraji, Thomas Lester

Largest Team: OLMC Cross Country

Race Pictures

Every year, we are grateful to our volunteer photographers whose talent provides free full-resolution race pictures for all of our participants.  All of our race pictures are posted on the Trinity Free Clinic 5K Facebook page @TFC5K.  Just go to the 2017 TFC 5K album in the Photos; finisher photos can be found at the end of the album in chronological order.  Participants and their families are welcome to download race photos free of charge.

If you had a great time and would like to share your own pictures with us, we would love it if you would add them to our album or tag the photos on your own Facebook page with TFC5K.

Historical Race Results & Photo Albums

Please see below for historical race results and links to photo albums.  All race photo albums are hosted on on the Trinity Free Clinic Run for Wellness Facebook page. 

Thank you to our sponsors!

The Trinity Free Clinic 5K Run for Wellness is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors.  Many of them have continued to support the 5K and the mission of the clinic for several years.  They represent the very best in our community, and we are grateful for their partnership.