2016 5K Race Results

The Trinity Free Clinic 5K Run for Wellness is made possible through the generosity of sponsors like Franciscan St. Francis. Thank you to all of our sponsors--their generosity makes it possible for us to serve the families of Hamilton County.

With deepest gratitude, we would like to thank everyone who helped make this year's Trinity Free Clinic 5K Run for Wellness a huge success.  We are thrilled that this year we had a registration of over 500, over 70 volunteers, 25 organizational and corporate sponsors, and 5 in-kind donors for this year's race.

Thanks to you and the generosity of our sponsors, we raised a record $54,000!  Through the generosity of one of our sponsors, we have been able to fully fund our pediatric services.  Thank you to everyone who has made this year's event a success!

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2016 Race Results

Due to an unforseeable software malfunction on race day, you may notice some inconsistencies in your race time. Our race timer has carefully reviewed the finish line video to verify to the best of their ability the accuracy of race times. However, if your race time still seems incorrect or you did not receive an award that the updated race results indicate you won, please contact Autumn@TrinityFreeClinic.org. The Trinity Free Clinic 5K is committed to honoring the achievements of our participants, and we will make every effort to ensure that all prizes are distributed fairly. You can view and verify individual race times here. Thank you for your patience as we work to verify the accuracy of the race results.

Overall and Masters Winners

Overall Men's: Andy Cowen (16:12) - Record
Men's Masters: James Kunkel (21:37.083)
Overall Women's: Cindy Harris (21:20.978)
Women's Masters: Karen Reist (24:36.164)

Age Group Results

Under 12 Boys:
1st: Kevin J. Sweeney (19:35.692)
2nd: Ben Grissom (19:37.071)
3rd: Samuel Schmidt (21:18.601)

13-15 Boys:
1st: Daniel Vega (18:44.765)
2nd: Drew Miller (19:04.099)
3rd: Austin Callahan (19:08.601)

16-19 Boys:
1st: Abel Kiser (18:41.309)
2nd: Ethan Moster (21:59.255)
3rd: Jordan Chang (22:34.647)

20-24 Men's:
1st: Daniel Williams (17:08.743)
2nd: Nicholas Williams (19:34.992)
3rd: Justin Griswold (21:35.362)

25-29 Men's:
1st: Neil Savage (26:36.098)
2nd: Ric Halvorson (27:50.723)
3rd: Christopher Nelson (31:32.386)

30-34 Men's:
1st: Bryce Caudle (20:55.939)
2nd: Thomas Wilson (21:52.831)
3rd: Mark Jacobs (24:50.547)

35-39 Men's:
1st: Nathan O'Rourke (19:36.987)
2nd: Tony Kuykendall (19:56.565)
3rd: Michael Smith (23:15.636)

40-44 Men's:
1st: Scott Hynes (16:43.030)
2nd: Robert Stresino (21:24.734)
3rd: Eric Gillman (21:43.414)

45-49 Men's:
1st: Dominic Moster (22:41.931)
2nd: Leonard Lengland (22:54.375)
3rd: David Coleman (23:32.110)

50-54 Men's:
1st: Andy Theal (22:34.644)
2nd: John Havard (22:56.573)
3rd: Jeff Naviaux (23:14.481)

55-59 Men's:
1st: Mike Shea (27:27.073)
2nd: Larry Rolland (27:33.964)
3rd: Peter Reist (27:51.022)

60-64 Men's:
1st: John Connor (23:38.994)
2nd: Jim Beeson (24:04.709)
3rd: Bob Brody (27:00.838)

65-69 Men's:
1st: Phil Buck (26:59.723)
2nd: Greg Hueber (29:18.913)
3rd: Ted Zaleski (53:11.480)

70-74 Men's:
1st: Dick Levins (38:28.549)
2nd: Paul Ayers (50:26.067)
3rd: only one participant in age group

75+ Men's:
1st: Bob Zeunik (55:58.144)
2nd: only one participant in age group
3rd: only one participant in age group

Under 12 Girls:
1st: Grace Olovich (22:37.249)
2nd: Olivia Kinney (23:32.379)
3rd: Annie DeBone (24:55.114)

13-15 Girls:
1st: Madison Dotlich (22:41.060)
2nd: Yael Kiser (23:42.909)
3rd: Claire Sawyer (25:48.073)

16-19 Girls:
1st: Jena Arnett (22:43.639)
2nd: Christina Spech (23:44.066)
3rd: Maren Fitschen (25:26.421)

20-24 Women's:
1st: Abby Rolland (25:59.175)
2nd: Katheryne Nelson (30:01.408
3rd: Elizabeth Ruiz (30:02.742)

25-29 Women's:
1st: Emily Doss (24:20.003)
2nd: Chelsea Savage (26:35.316)
3rd: Meagan Moran (27:11.169)

30-34 Women's:
1st: Lisa Noll (23:15.297)
2nd: Kyra Bultman (26:04.506)
3rd: Hillary Morrow (26:12.240)

35-39 Women's:
1st: Jaime Flannagan (24:19.604)
2nd: Brenda Faulkner (24:45.032)
3rd: Marian Tran (27:12.997)

40-44 Women's:
1st: Katie Grissom (23:18.061)
2nd: Megan Laferriere (23:33.605)
3rd: Catherine Nies (23:56.874)

45-49 Women's:
1st: Laurie Quay (27:55.128)
2nd: Catherine Haddad (29:15.715)
3rd: Tracy Miller (29:48.873)

50-54 Women's:
1st: Pam Kiser (26:54.757)
2nd: Emily Robison (27:24.303)
3rd: Michelle Wittler (27:44.993)

55-59 Women's:
1st: Laura Moehling (26:56.581)
2nd: Melanie Gray (27:29.955)
3rd: Jody Dobson (28:35.806)

60-64 Women's:
1st: Amy Sites (31:54.983)
2nd: Jennifer Connor (37:03.791)
3rd: Linda Jo Westrick (48:02.841)

65-69 Women's:
1st: Aileen Shocklee (39:42.940)
2nd: Terri Smith (49:58.704)
3rd: Sue Nowak (51:01.034)

70-74 Women's:
1st: Kathy Schnelker (51:16.144)
2nd: Cynthia Zeunik (55:59.488)
3rd: Karen Bohn (58:07.164)

75+ Women's:
1st: Donna Moore (57:11.617)
2nd: only one participant in age group
3rd: only one participant in age group

Rosemary Cantwell Middle of the Pack

Millie Chang, Betsy Buechler, Paul Followell, Medhat Estephanous, Anna Merenda
Elizabeth Nies, Joe Millay, Tom Sheehan, Tim Wagner, Marji Wagner

Team Awards

Best Name: Moms on the Run
Largest Team: OLMC Cross Country
Outstanding Collections of Additional Donations: Slattery & Holman's Amazing Feets

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Thank you to our sponsors!

The Trinity Free Clinic 5K Run for Wellness is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors.  Many of them have continued to support the 5K and the mission of the clinic for several years.  They represent the very best in our community, and we are grateful for their partnership. 








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