2015 5K Race Results

With deepest gratitude, we would like to thank everyone who helped make this year's Trinity Free Clinic 5K Run for Wellness a huge success.  We are thrilled that this year we had a record registration of over 500, over 70 volunteers, 22 organizational and corporate sponsors, and 18 in-kind donors for this year's race.

Thanks to you and the generosity of our sponsors, we were very successful in reaching our fundraising goal of $30,000!  This has allowed the clinic to install an updated panoramic x-ray machine to replace our previous machine which was over 20 years old and obsolete.  Our dental patients often present with very serious conditions and our volunteer dentists need to see the full range of problems in order to treat our patients effectively.  your support has been key to helping us fill this crucial need for our patients.

2015 Race Results

Overall Men's: Daniel Williams
Men's Masters: David Forsee
Under 12 Boys: Rocco Browning
Overall Women's: Kaitlyn Love
Women's Masters: Cindy Harris
Under 12 Girls: Bridget Gallagher

Age Group Results

Under 12 Boys:
Alex Gardner, Christian Geary, Charlie Jurewicz

13-15 Boys:
William Young, Bobby Spech, Maxim Mukhin

16-19 Boys:
Mack Bentivoglio, Nathan Bohn, Alex Dai

20-24 Men's:
Ben Schario, Kyle Dickover, Noah Kiser

25-29 Men's:
Nick Allen, Alec Williams, Matt Johnston

30-34 Men's:
Allen Hammer, Paul Ackerman, John Myers

35-39 Men's:
Scott Hynes, Tony Kuykendall, Aeron Barhorst

40-44 Men's:
Eric Gillman, Paul Klodzen, Dominic Moster

45-49 Men's:
Alan Hughes, Ron Gable, Andrew Williams

50-54 Men's:
Emilio Garcia, Robert O'Dell, Joe Barrett

55-59 Men's:
Joe Burton, Brent Barta, Meredith Marrs

60-69 Men's:
John Connor, Tom Smith, Mike Whitman

70+ Men's:
James Buechler, Bruce Carlestedt, Lawrence Schafer

Rosemary Cantwell Middle of the Pack:
Paul Lee, Megan Trimbach, Debbie Spech, Kennedy Cradick, Greg Cradick

Under 12 Girls:
Olivia Kinney, Grace Kuykendall, Caroline Moster

13-15 Girls:
Megan Kaster, Isabelle Museck, Sophie Porter

16-19 Girls:
Jena Arnett, Kate Anderson, Madeline Youngman

20-24 Women's:
Erin Kunkel, Megan Harris, Elizabeth Dickover

25-29 Women's:
Liz Light, Jessica Taskey, Tatiana Sims

30-34 Women's:
Heidi Thedwall, Sydney Titus, Ann Haley

35-39 Women's:
Jaime Flannagan, Jessica Miller, Claire Harrity

40-44 Women's:
Catherine Nies, Judy Porter, S. McCarthy

45-49 Women's:
Trish Knight, Anita Rogers, Laurie Quay

50-54 Women's:
Lisa Moos, Lisa Harris, Karen Reist

55-59 Women's:
Candy Lander, Jeanne Gleason, Loren Matthes

60-69 Women's:
Pat Fox, Jennifer Connor, Charlotte Cake

70+ Women's:
Miriam Palmer, Anne Reed, Karen Bohn

Team Awards:
Best Name:
The Conquerers
Largest Team: OLMC Cross Country
Outstanding Collections of Additional Donations by a Team: Slattery & Holman's Amazing Feets

You can see individual race finish times here.

We are deeply grateful to the sponsors who made the impact of the 2015 Trinity Free Clinic 5K Run for Wellness such a success:

and JD Resley & Associates, Inc.